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The Scorpion's Sting: A Magdalena LaSige Novel - First in the series.

One Extra-Ordinary Woman,
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December 2011 The New England Book Festival -

June 2011 The New York Book Festival -

March 2011 Los Angeles Book Festival Award "Honorable Mention—
General Fiction" 

Seen on National TV and Heard on National Radio


  Learn more about the coined phrase criminal archepsychologist 


December 2011 The New England Book Festival

June 2011 The New York Book Festival

 March 2011 Awarded Los Angeles Book Festival
"Honorable Mention—
General Fiction" 

Seen on National TV and Heard on National Radio






Dr. Magdalena LaSige, criminal archepsychologist, is given ancient pictures - the Pyramids of Giza, DNA codes, constellations, the Mayan Calendar, 2012 Doomsday prophecies as she races against time to find a kidnapped nun and the truth amidst governmental, religious and pharmaceutical lies.

New Suspense Novel written 'under the guise' of fiction!

An Exciting New Approach to 2012 and much, much more.

• Learn about the Mayan Calendar
• What Do the 2012 Doomsday Prophecies Mean?
• What Does the Sphinx Have in Common with the Bible?
• What Does the Zodiac Really Tell Us?
• What Lies Are Being Told by the Pharmaceutical Industry and Other Large Conglomerates?
• What Do We Really Know about Our DNA?

What would you do if the visual clues above were the only ones you had to find a kidnapped nun, the sister of a dear friend?

Find out as the answers unfold in The Scorpion's Sting, the first suspense novel in a new and riveting series. Meet criminal archepsychologist Magdalena LaSige, a lovely character, passionate and biting at times but, like most of us, a work in progress. Magdalena LaSige is an ironic name: With a Christian name after a saint and a surname meaning “The Silent One," she is anything but what they suggest; instead, she's a vibrant, 33-year-old red head, a former child hematology/oncology (blood disorders and cancer) psychologist unable to ever keep her mouth shut.

Shocked to discover truths even her higher education did not prepare her for, Magdalena struggles to make sense of the mystery, symbols, lies and archetypal psychology that surround her as she races against the kidnapper’s clock. 

A truth seeker at heart, a psychologist by training and a person with a propensity for literally tripping over her own feet, thus nicknaming herself 'Ostrich', Magdalena is forced to examine current social issues, the practice of using vaccinations, the DNA code, political and hidden government agendas and 2012 prophecies, all the while pushing herself to her physical and emotional limits to find the nun before it is too late!

Can it be done?

The Scorpion's Sting is profound and will leave you questioning some of the very "truths" that have been perpetuated by the government and the pharmaceutical industry. No matter your religious, political, or educational background this novel will reach each one of you and everyone will take something important away from it. 

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