One Extraordinary Woman, One Extraordinary Vision Lifting the Veil of Deceit...One Novel at a Time


Read About a Master Criminal Archepsychologist

J.D. Masterson's series of suspense novels about Magdalena LaSige, criminal archepsychologist, examines the core beliefs that have been taught to Americans. Available in New York City, each novel questions the lies we accept as truths today by using fictional characters. Through their circumstances, readers are forced to look at and question the agendas of the highest levels of government, education, media, and religion. The first book, The Scorpion's Sting: A Magdalena LaSige Novel  focuses on the pharmaceutical industry and the lies surrounding vaccinations.

Hand Holding a Cross

Telling the Truth Through Fiction

The Order of the Carmelites exists and its rituals are real. Many nuns, not just Carmelites, were forced to burn their King James Version of the Bible before entering the convent. Since the 1960s, the Roman Catholic Church has lost over 120,000 nuns; about 70 percent are directly as a result of broken promises that led to their diminished roles that emanated from the Second Vatican Council. The rest have all died. As of August 2009, there were less than 59,000 nuns remaining in the United States, and most of them were over the age of 70. Had not the Social Security system agreed to provide them with financial support, a large majority of them would be living in complete poverty.

Taking Action Against Unseen Oppression

Because most people are worn out from overwork and trying to keep up with the systems, we are just barely getting by. Because we are afraid to be judged by others or are afraid of how others see us, fear often prevents us from taking action. We all need to be re-educated. The world is in financial crisis because we let it get there. We didn't educate ourselves enough to see the obvious signs of market collapse and bail-out consequences.

We are addicted to every pain pill and medicine because we allow ourselves to take them. We are afraid to question our pediatricians and our physicians because taking control of ourselves and our children may raise flags with the government and government services. If we allow the vaccine mentioned in this book to remain on the market, we are responsible for the consequences.

First, open your heart and then your eyes because almost everything we have been taught and live by is a distortion. If we don't wake up and take action, no one will be there to help us. We are being deceived by the highest levels of government, education, media, religious affiliations, and we no longer seek the truth which, as Christ said, shall set us free. J.D. Masterson will show you to see through the lies that have been fed to us.

The Scorpion's Sting